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How To Create A Podcast That Gains Attention

Posted by on Aug 17th, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Create A Podcast That Gains Attention

If you are thinking about creating a podcast, it can be difficult to determine how you are going to gain an audience and subscribers. After all, this is the heart of your podcast. If you have people who are continually listening, then you have a reason to continue making podcasts that you enjoy. It’s not quite a satisfying to create something you enjoy and not have any attention being brought to it. Here’s how to create a podcast that will gain some attention: Good Sound Quality: The problem with some people when they first start with a podcast is that they don’t have the right sound quality that will keep people interested. Generally, if the sound quality is echoey and there is a lot of background noise, it will make listeners stop listening because it will be difficult for them to easily make out what you are saying. So be sure that you choose a good microphone. One that has a -5dB switch is ideal because this switch helps filter out background noise. You also want to be sure that you are recording in a good environment. One that is quiet and even soundproof is the best option. Aim to Target Audience: When you are thinking about creating a podcast, you want to determine who your audience will be. Are you going to be talking about nutrition? Then you want to determine who exactly your target audience will be for this. Obviously people who care about nutrition, but do you want to focus directly towards people who follow a strict diet, such as vegans or parents who are concerned about their children’s health or people who are trying to lose weight? Once you determine who your target audience is, you can create a podcast that aims to gain the specific audience’s attention. Keep it a Good Length: Podcasts shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes long, generally. You want to be sure that you can retain your audience’s attention. Just listening to someone talk can become quite boring after a while and people tend to even start falling asleep or losing interest. Be sure that you don’t ramble and create a list of bullets that address specific topics you want to discuss. This can help to keep you on track. Consider an Approachable Style: When people listen to podcasts, they want to listen to something that is “real” and relatable. The best way to do this is to create a conversational style. This makes you seem approachable and likable, which will keep people interested in what you have to say.  Overall, you want to create a podcast that is something you care about and can actually talk about in a real way while also ensuring that you can capture a specific audience that can stay interested....

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